miercuri, 27 aprilie 2016

Virtual tour software - how to sale your properties

As a real estate investor and professional that works a lot in the area of constructions and then is selling what he builds you will have a really tough time in finding clients directly, which is not good at all, as the money are caught in the investment until the apartments are getting sold.

Now... I learned that nowadays (due to the huge adoption rate of the internet, social media, technology and so on) anyone will be present in a way or another in the online world. So... if you manage to correctly market your products in the online market, then you will be able to add great value to your property by using the latest technologies, inovations, like virtual tour software - which means that you will be able to list your properties everywhere without issues.

The fact that anyone is able to put a lot of information into social media, then this means that you won't need so much the obsolete printed media, the obsolete newspapers that are printed and are thrown in the garbage after 1 or at most 2 days after purchase.

So... technology is good, and we need to adapt to it in order to create better sales value to our projects. This is why I have appreciated a lot this solution, named tourwizard, as it provides a lot of features that I have really searched.

You can:
- create the tour
- add music
- add QR codes
- add photo galeries
- promote this on social media
- easily customize

Andmany other interesting features that are vital to any company that wants to sell properties online.

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